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Monday, January 1, 2018 - 10:00am

The Youth Arts Series: Pop-Up Workshops 

Our Pop-Up workshops are single topic sessions that round out the YAS calendar between our annual Fall Break and Summer day-camp programming. New Pop-Ups are constantly in the works, don’t miss out on these exciting and unique art opportunities! Be sure to check back or sign up for the EHCC newsletter on the homepage.

*Class will be held in the EHCC Annex Building. Parents/ Guardians may drop off and pick-up students in EHCC’s rear parking lot.*


East Hawai’i Cultural Center’s Youth Arts Series (YAS) is an exciting immersion experience for young artists. Students have the opportunity to explore a variety of engaging and innovative art-making processes. We strive to enrich the artistic abilities of our students in a fun, nurturing environment that stimulates their artistic talents.

YAS offers students a wide range of mediums that provide a variety of creative outlets to stimulate their imaginations and to promote their ability to think outside the box. Each day, students rotate through classes that include basic principles of design, 3-dimensional hand-building, textile techniques, and self-expression.

YAS coincides with the Department of Education’s K-12 academic breaks throughout the year. New workshop day-camps are held each academic break to encourage continuing participation.

Contact: yas@ehcc.org for more information!

View past & current Pop-Ups below!


  • Printmaking

    A Collagraph print is made from a collage, which students will design with recycled and organic materials. This is a process driven activity that results in a surprising multiplicity of textures and forms. Artists will have the opportunity to create their own plate from scratch, experience the magic of the press, and develop design and composition skills with this approachable and fun method of printmaking. 


    Kanani Daley's picture
    Kanani is an indigenous Hawaiian artist and resident of the Big Island of Hawai‘i. Her work expresses social and cultural concepts with contemporary and intuitive interpretations. She is in experimental abstract printmaker, painter, fiber artist, and sculptor. Read her full bio at https://www.pikopressstudio.com/  Learn More
  • Upcycle Arts

    Students  will learn to  creatively  decorate, reuse and redesign  old T-shirts to create new pieces of art, fashion and everyday items. Students  will  combine new  and  recycled  products  for  their  artpieces. There will be an emphasis on mixed media textile design.


    Jessica McMahel's picture
    Jessica graduated from the University of Hawaii at Hilo with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Art.  She learned the art of paper cutting and washi paper decorating from her mother who continues to teach these folk arts in Oahu. She has spent the last few years teaching art to elementary students at Ka'umana Elementary and Mountain View Elementary. Learn More
  • Empowerment and Team Building Through Photography

    Course Description​ – Developmental Pathway. Teaching leadership skills through observation. Students will create a story to find, their inner strength, knowledge from life experiences, and their voice within a team. These young leaders will apply seven steps;
    1. Personal growth/ learning
    2. Taking action/ making decisions
    3. Sharing the vision/ passion
    4. Developmental relationships/ finding a common language
    5. Leading with character/ Integrity and dignity
    6. Communicating/ finding your voice
    7. Time management under stress.
    Students will take away life long lessons and skills learned through the vehicle of photography.
    Augusto Murillo's picture
    Augusto Murillo, photographer, videographer, editor and director. Learn More
  • Upcycle Canvas Building

    Students will construct and stretch their own canvas. They will learn to build the stretcher bars from scratch using recycled wood from deconstructed pallets. This class will teach students creative application of unconventional materials.



    Dena Nakahashi's picture
    Dena is a multimedia artist based in Volcano, on the Big Island. She has attended Kapiolani Community College on Oahu as well as the University of Hawaii at Hilo, majoring in art. Dena has had her work exhibited in numerous galleries and art exhibitions in Hilo, as well as on the island of Oahu. She brings to the table a unique flare for art, with her own unique, contemporary style. Learn More
  • Gyotaku for Keiki

    Gyotaku (Japanese 魚拓, from gyo "fish" + taku "stone impression")- traditional Japanese fish printing. Join us for this introductory workshop in the art of gyotaku. Lauren will discuss the background and historical context of the practice. Keiki will learn beginner level techniques for creating their very own fish prints.

    For info and to register- click here!

    Lauren Kamei's picture
    Lauren graduated from The University of Hawaii at Manoa with an Interdisciplinary Studies Degree in Landscape Design and a Master's in Elementary Education. She enjoys everything fish: watching, eating and catching fish! Lauren can't wait to share her two favorite hobbies of fishing and art with the students in this Gyotaku class. Learn More
  • Plant Dyes for Keiki

    In this single-day workshop, students will learn about dye plants found in Hawai‘i. The class will emphasize the use of locally harvested plants, and their use in making dyes. They will learn about collecting plant material and the process by which they are turned into dye. Students will work with the plant dyes, creating their own unique works of art. All supplies will be provided.

    Avalon Paradea's picture
    Avalon Paradea was raised in Waikōloa and has been passionately making art since childhood. Always fascinated in human culture and our relationships to the world around us, she immersed herself in the realms of anthropology and ethnobotany as a college student at UHMānoa. Since graduating in 2014, her knowledge of Hawaiʻi's many plant species and their functionality in the arts has expanded through working as a conservationist and archaeologist, as well as through mentorship in making kapa and plant dyes. Learn More