“Art Forward” thanks mentors and Counseling Connects

EHCC completed its first pilot session of Art Forward on May 26. Eight high school students participated in art projects and learned from a variety of mentors and college counselors. We would like to extend a big “thank you” to our mentors, commercial photographer Krystle Marcellus; Kainoa Makua of Nä Mäkua Designs; and Bo Breda, retired art and fashion design college instructor and fiber artist.
EHCC also thanks Counseling Connects, a non-profit that aims to make high quality counseling services more inclusive, for its presentations on how to choose and apply to art schools, with attention to practical concerns such as the economics of obtaining and utilizing an art degree. Students heard from head counselor Peter Han and founder/officer Aura Bafna. If you would like to see the Counseling Connects webinars, presentation 1presentation 2presentation 3, and presentation 4 can be viewed on Youtube.
A second session of Art Forward is scheduled to begin on or about August 23, so keep your eyes on the EHCC website if you’d like to sign up!
Aura Bafna, a founder and officer of Counseling Connects