SEEKING PARTICIPANTS : Civic Engagement Rally: "I'mua Doing My Part"

 If you have time to share your skills and would like to support this upcoming themed event...
  • What: Civic Engagement Rally: "I'mua Doing My Part" ...and Take Back America march
  • Where: Hilo area  
  • When: Saturday, January 20, 2018
...the local organizers would love to hear from you! A request has been made for individuals skilled at making chalk drawings to be executed in various locations, graphic or printed artwork about "Imua", "Voting is my Kuleana", "I Care About _____ (issue based)", and "Wahine Power" (women running for office),
and/or larger art pieces that could serve as back drops for photo ops and FBlive postings
 The event is being hosted in conjunction with the Women's March and local organizers working with machine for social change... Please contact Jennifer Kagiwada for details:Jennifer Kagiwada ---